Sword Accounts is the world's first One Interface Input-based Accounting and Finance solution. Very simple to use and user-friendly. To run this application, you don’t need to be an accounting software expert. This application is like a treasure for those who have a very tinny knowledge of Accounting. As an accounting expert, This is the simplest accounting application and an appealing Application for the accounts professional. Ensuring you have the minimum data processing time and get the quick report when you need it. Just put your journal in the application and generate a lot of reports like Ledger, Sub-ledger, Income Statement, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Dashboard for Business decision making, Comparison report for Analysis, And all in one voucher printing (Like; Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice, Debit Voucher, Credit Voucher, Receive Voucher, Payment Voucher and so on.)

Sword Accounts ERP is a complete journal Based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution. We segmented our total application into three parts. These are Stakeholder Panels, Input Panels and Report Panels. On Stakeholders Panel you can add your custom, Supplier, Employee, Owners, Products, Agent etc at any time. In Input Panel or Transaction Panel you can add your regular transaction trough Journal. In some of our extra modules we offer automated Journal for a quick transaction. Like: Sales Module or Recipe Module. You may get more automated Input Module for making your business faster. On the Reports panel you will find all types of Financial and Accounts Statement Like: Trail Balance, Ledger, Sub-ledger, Income Statement, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Dashboard, comparison report for Business decision making and so on. For more details you may watch our tutorials from video panel or You may download our Manual Book from Documents Section.

Because of Existing complex ERP Application process different business failed to generate their desired repots and outcomes. So, we build a group, who have strong background in the ERP Implementation for separate organization. We tried to find out the best possible and easiest way to make ERP for Business Enterprises. At the end we build Sword Accounts that have only one Transaction Input Page where any other ERP have a lot of Transaction Input Panel that make the user annoying. Some times they made mistakes and faced a lot of problems. Moreover we launched some unique and dynamic reposts for the users that must help them to make their Business decision faster. We spend more then 5 years for research and development. After that a group of programmer and Business Analyst helped us to made this ERP. Till we are working so hard to make your business more easy for you. Now Sword Accounts have 34 full time employee who are ready to support you. And also have 25+ valuable customers who are getting services from us. So, join with our family and enjoy your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A single interface accounting solution refers an application where you can input all of your accounting data from one interface and also get all of your output from the same panel. You do not need to memorize any menu bar for input or reports.

Most of the accounting software has multiple input methods. This makes an accountant confused to input data properly. Moreover, he has to memorize the input pattern for the different types of transactions. So, we make this application to make you comfortable to use. Here you just need to provide a journal. After that within a few seconds, you can easily generate any kind of report for your business.
For a live demo please contact us through email: info@swordaccounts.com    

 A computer application does not know the characteristics of a journal head. So, we need to tell the application about the nature of a journal head. Like, If we want to add a "Salary" Head, First we have to select the "Main Ledger".  "Main Ledger" refers to the place where it will be shown in the Financial Statements. In this case "Salary" will be placed in the Profit and Loss account and It must be an administrative cost. Main ledger heads are:  Cash in Hand, Cash at Bank, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Asset, Owner's Equity, Capital Withdraw, Accounts Payable, Short Term Liability, Accumulated Depreciation, Long Term Liability, Administrative Expenses, Marketing, and Selling Expenses, Financial and Other Expenses, VAT and Tax Expense, Petty Cash Expense, Income, Purchase, Purchase Return, Sales, Sales Return.

Again If the journal head has any connection with the sub-ledger, then you have to select it from the "Sub-Ledger" option. Otherwise, you just select "Ledger". Here, "Salary" is related to Employee. So you have to select "Employee" For, Sales, Purchase, Sales Return, Purchase Return, Work in progress you have to select the "Inventory" option because these are related to the Products or Items. For any receivables, you have to select "Customer" and for payable you have to select "Supplier". If there have multiple owners of the business you have to select an Owner for Capital investment or Capital Withdraw.

And at the end, you need to declare the nature of this journal head. Every journal head has one nature of these five: Asset, Equity, Liability, Income, and Expense.

If you need any COA setup help please contact us through email: info@swordaccounts.com   

After analyzing a lot of ERP and Accounting Software, data, we find that most of the companies were not interested to make a Journal entry system in their application. Because of multiple debit and credit, most of the companies totally avoid the pure journal entry based accounting system. Now, the question arises what was the problem. Okay, we will try to make it clear with an example. 
Suppose, xyz corporation gave salary two of their employees (Mr. A and Mr. B). Mr. A's total salary is $2,500 and Mr. B's total salary is $3,200. Now, an accountant Pays their salary through cash. But at that moment he found that he had a shortage of $700 in his cash. So, He gave them a cash cheque of $700. Now Make a journal for this transaction:

Salary- Mr. A              Dr. $2,500
Salary- Mr. B              Dr. $3,200
Cash in Hand              Cr. $5,000
HSBC Bank                  Cr. $700

Now, as per accounting rules, there is no error in this transaction. But when you go further to print the Sub-Ledger of Mr. A and Mr. B the computer will be stuck. Because the computer doesn't know who gets the bank amount. 

So, to avoid this kind of error you have to input individual entries. For this reason, Our application does not accept multiple debit for multiple credit or vise versa? 

Sword Accounts authority only relies on the Bank Transfer method. Without any official invoice, we do not accept any payment. So, for making any payment, please contact us through email: info@swordaccounts.com   

For any kind of customization or adding a new module in the application, please contact us through our email: info@swordaccounts.com

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Start working as an ERP Implementer for separate organizations. 


Market Analysis and find out the pros and cons of different ERP Applications in Bangladesh. 


Develop a new ERP concept based on our educational system. And Implement the idea with google scripts and sheet.   


The first version of our application was developed and released in the market. We used React, node.js, and MongoDB for development.


Start Supporting different companies and get experience from the market. 


Integrate more modules based on market requirements. And start working for the 2nd version of our Application.


2nd Version of our Application was released. And, start getting positive impressions from market.

2022- Till Now

Successfully served 35+ companies and worked for Version 3. Start selling abroad (USA, China, England, Canada, and Germany)

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